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i wouldn't say one but consumerreports has put them up there. i found out why the mustang is rated as highly as it is. >> one of the beautiful parts about it is what this baby sounds like. you brought me a nice stick shift so can you hear it. >> oh, yeah. just flip the throttle. this, when you're driving it, it is just -- oh! from a car guy point of view, it sends adrenaline through you! >> that was fun. >> they brought the stick shift. can you drive a stick? >> oh, yeah. what do you mean can i drive a stick? >> well, i didn't know. >> they brought four of the top ten cars and we posted that on our site on twitter. it was fun to see those cars. if are you in the market for a car the "consumer reports" annual auto condition is out in a few days and it's worth it. >> some people may be looking for hybrids because of the gas prices. >> check it out. we will be back here bright and early tomorrow.
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>> "cnn newsroom" starts with carol costello. >> i didn't know if you could drive a stick either, ali. >> he doesn't strike me. >> i'm coming in in a motorcycle jacket tomorrow. >> take pictures! i want to see them! >> it's 9:00 a.m. on the east coast and 6:00 a.m. on the west. i'm carol costello sitting in for kyra phillips. today, in libya, new concerns after disturbing comments from moammar gadhafi. he says the protests are not against him and his people would die to protect his regime. florida is hoping rain will bring some relief. wildfires have shot down i-95 in vol v volutia and bravard. char lee sheen tells cnn piers morgan he is clean, sober, and angry. >> it's been a tsunami of media
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and i've been riding it on a mergery surfboard. right off the bat. sorry. no. i'm on a mission right now. it's an operation actually to -- to -- to -- write -- write some terrible wrongs because there have been some things that have happened as a result of, you know, of -- of -- of rehab or crisis management. the show's temporary suspension thus far and -- and i just think it's important that -- that people hear the truth and hear it from me because i'm at the epi center of every single moment of what is going on in this thing. >> sheen conceded maybe he should have been a little quieter and softer in dealing with his bosses, thorough. in libya this hour the protests grow larger in the streets and criticism larger in the international community. one hour from now secretary of state hillary clinton appears on capitol hill and crisis is sure to be her focus. moammar gadhafi's own diplomats
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signaling a call for change. at noon in washington the green flag will be taken down and replace it with the one on the left that flew before gadhafi took power in 1969. he now says, quote, i think we realize he is crazy but gadhafi says his regime is not responsible for any of the violence. in fact, he says none of the protests are even against him or his government. >> they love me all my people me, they love me all. >> but if they do love you -- >> they will die to protect me and my people. >> the u.s. navy -- the u.s. is moving navy ships closer to libya. the pentagon will not say if any american ground forces have been put on a heightened state of alert. let's get to the u.s. response to this crisis. pentagon correspondent chris lawrence joins us from washington. chris, the pentagon is repositioning army/navy ships to
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prepare for safe zones for libyan refugee you but is there more to it than that. >> reporter: at this point, no. there could be in the next few days or weeks. right now, the state department has already sent some response teams to both egypt, tunisia. there is an option on the table to consider using the u.s. military to sort of set up a corridor to help handle some of the refugees that have been and may continue to stream out of libya. one of the ships that is now at the northern part of the red sea, right near the suez canal is the "uss kearsarge." it can land marines on the ground but one of the u.s. navy's largest floating hospital bays. it has an intensive care unit and six operating rooms and it can handle up to 600 patients. so it could be primely positioned to handle a huge part of that humanitarian relief if it comes to that.
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>> i want to talk about these no-fly zones. how much pressure is there on the united states, on the administration to impose these no-fly zones? >> reporter: it has been building. senator john mccain on sunday on cnn told the obama administration it's time to get tough. senator lieberman, a lot of others are calling for the u.s. to immediately start to impose this no-fly zone. so we don't see events like what we saw yesterday with our reporters there on the ground reporting that the -- that air power was being used against some of the libyan protesters again. but this is not something the u.s. would go into by itself. it's going to need to get some allies and partners on board. for one, almost impossible to truly stage and impose a no-fly zone simply from aircraft carriers itself. you would need some planes on the ground. italy might be open to that in that they just suspended their
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treaty with libya but more than likely they have to get consensus at the united nations. you would get legal justification to impose a no-fly zone. i talked to an analyst yesterday. the sheer sight of american fighter jets flying over libya could be enough not only to sgourg gadhafi but let them know they are on their side. >> chris lawrence, live at the pentagon, thanks. moammar gadhafi has blamed al qaeda for the protests. beats perjurier who has firsthand knowledge of the terror group joins us in the newsroom. we will ask him how does al qaeda factor into the current unrest across the middle east. now to central florida, where firefighters are battling a wall of flames. a massive wildfire is burning out of control. it exploded to 10,000 acres
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overnight and shut down a 20-mile stretch of i-95. obviously, a nightmare for drivers in this heavily traveled tourist area. heavy winds and dry conditions fueling the flames and homes evacuated and one school is closed. we are monitoring a live news conference as they take stock of the situation but let's get right now to our john zarrella. what is it like there, john? >> reporter: you can see it. it's pouring rain! it's been raining for about an hour and a half now here, and firefighters couldn't have asked for anything more than this. mother nature really cooperating this morning. a cold front is moving through the area. expected to bring these kind of showers. at least for the next hour or so. then once it moves through, the concern is that the winds will shift and change directions and that that could move the fire to the south. but firefighters have been out all night building fire breaks and have heavy machinery in there and, right now, they are
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pretty optimistic. in fact, the governor was on cnn earlier this morning and said it looks pretty good, they may have this thing under control later today. >> we just got an update on the fire and we think we're going to be able to get it under control. it sounds like we will get a little bit of rain, so we're putting in more assets of more people so we should hopefully get it under control this morning. >> reporter: so the thing -- it is certainly looking up here. it's a nuisance for drivers. when we drove up we had to get off 223 off i-95 in mims. all of the traffic at this point is being re-routed for about a 20-mile stretch from mims up to new smyrna beach on the north side. that is a problem. but the way it looks right now, we're at a command post here.
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it's pretty quiet right now and just finishing up a shift change and get fresh folks out into the field to assess the situation. but, you know, although it was real difficult in the overnight hours, they were saying that, at one point, the embers were traveling half a mile on the wind. that certainly is not the case this morning. carol? >> good news and thank goodness for the rans. thank you very much, john zarrel zarrella. if you've been on a plane the last nine days you might have been exposed to the mesles. dr. sanjay gupta will have the details you need to hear next.
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dr. sanjay gupta joins us. started with a passenger who flew in from mexico and kind scary. >> flew in from london. interesting. they went through four different airports in a few-day time. now it's sort of a public health investigation which is sort of interesting, because they try to find exactly where she sat. they are not identifying who she is. then the people who sat within five rows of her on either side because they are likely to have been the most exposed but talking about february 20th through the 22nd in the four airports. i think we have them listed. bwi and dulles and denver and you can see on the screen there and albuquerque, her destination. >> any specific airline? they are not saying yet. >> doesn't it make it more confusing? >> they are going to contact the people they think are most likely to have been exposed. people don't typically experience symptoms of measles for 8 to 12 days and any chance somebody is developing it and chance is small they probably haven't developed it yet.
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a virus you may remember lives in the throat and lungs. if someone coughs and i think you're on a plane you're more likely to expose people. the droplets can get to a certain distance. you can see there. they think it's about five rows. again, this is -- it's interesting. they have -- the people who are, obviously, most at risk are those who have not ever been vaccinated against measles. >> kids are not vaccinated against measles. since i don't have children, i don't know these things. is that true? >> children are vaccinated. it's a mmr vaccinations, measles, mumps and rubella. you get one shot and then a booster shot. >> why are they so worried? >> some people tend not to get vaccinated. this is a significant disease. you can get, obviously, the rash that people characterize it by but in a certain number of people it can cause death and can cause body-wide infections that are too significant.
9:14 am
in england, the case is about 1,100 cases a year so probably due to the unvaccinated plopgs over there and global travel, you get this bast. >> one last question. since i've had every type of measles imaginable to man. if i were on that flight i would be safe and wouldn't need to worry? >> you've been vaccinated or you had the kneesles and typically people -- people born before 1957 are probably exposed to natural measles so they have immunity but people who got the shots afterwards will be fine. >> they will be okay? >> good. >> were you traveling? you're from that area. >> i was traveling and why i was wondering what airline it was. >> 20th through the 22nd. the chance of anyone getting it is pretty remote here. >> thank you, dr. sanjay gupta. >> you're welcome. i like the way you say it like that. >> sounds very official. cnn piers morgan asked charlie sheen straight up. are under the influence right now? >> when was this taken?
9:15 am
>> it was taken -- when was it taken? yesterday? >> what does sheen do? he gets out his drug test results and claims he is clean. he had the note right there in his pocket. there is a lot more where that came from, too. more of that interview in just a minute. one of the nation's largest wealth managers -- makes all the difference. our goals-based investment strategies are tailored to your needs and overseen by experts who seek to maximize opportunities while minimizing risk. after all, you don't climb a mountain just to sit at the top. you lookround for other mountains to climb. ♪ expertise matters. find it at northern trust. ♪ how can expedia now save me even more on my hotel? well, hotels know they can't fill every room every day. like this one. and this one. and oops, my bad. so, they give expedia ginormous discounts with these:
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the stories making news across the country. starting in the philadelphia area, where a struggling pizza shop owner might have used live mice to sabotage his competitors. police say he walked into one shop and planted the critters in the bathroom ceiling and went to another place and dumped more mice in a garbage can. he is charged now with disorderly conduct and animal cruelty. a teacher has been fired. a bumper sticker on her car says have you drugged your kid today? this is her way to protest. she says some parents were complained and she was refusing to take the sticker off and fighting to get her job back. go through the roof, rooftop
9:19 am
burglars. it is tuesday morning and who knows what charlie sheen will say today. yesterday, he spent more time talking than partying and wrapped up a long day of interviews with cnn's piers morgan. this is charlie sheen talking now. his publicist has quit and he told piers he is not an addict and slammed therapists. >> what would you call yourself if you're not an addict? >> what is another word? >> do you think it's because you like to party? is it as simple as that? >> no. as long as i subscribe to the belief of other that build these models that don't leave any room for individuality or creativity or anything that they say you got to surrender and you got to get rid of your resentments and sit in a room and be all lame, you know? i just -- i can't find a label other than just a live. a great quote going i'm live on drugs. it's called charlie sheen. >> thanks for joining us, hal.
9:20 am
>> absolutely. >> we're all laughing and joking about charlie sheen but at what point does this stop being funny? >> well, first of all, to say that piers actually interviewed charlie sheen i think is slightly disingenuous nobody is really interviewing charlie sheen right now. they are interviewing a drug that is wearing charlie sheen like a skin. as much as he has proof he has been clean for 72 hours, a lot of addicts know they can wait 72 hours and get their test and walk around saying, see, i'm free of drugs, when the affects of the drugs they have taken will be in their system for months and especially the case of the drugs that he has been taking. so i would like to say for one thing when people go what is charlie sheen like and what is he doing? no one really knows. he is removed from the situation. >> so you think he is on something besides himself? >> well, yeah. i don't have an argument with him saying that there is sort of a system in place socially to
9:21 am
strangle creativity and individuality. i think society, for a long time, has been doing that just to keep the crazy at bay. but that doesn't mean that is happening in his case. and a lot of times if you listen to anyone who is on the same cocktail of drugs that he is known to take, they behave almost identically. his language and behaviors are almost identical. to say we know what charlie sheen is about right now, i don't think it's possible. on a positive note, i know abc has just launched a new sitcom starring moammar gadhafi saying everybody loves me. >> i knew you couldn't resist jokes! i got you there. seriously, talking about charlie, he can't stop giving interviews. he won't shut up. it's like watching someone self-destruct publicly. sheen told piers morgan no one from his show "two and a half men" are offering any kind of support. is this how it is in hollywood or is sheen so far gone people want to stay away from him because he is poison?
9:22 am
>> no. well, for the record, he is, at this point, so extreme. imagine what was leading up to this. this is the part we're seeing. this is the part we're dealing with sort of in the public regarding this. leading up to this there were episodes like this, hospitalization, addicted episodes getting here. the public really didn't see. so the idea that hollywood just kind of hangs you out to dry and -- is -- is, i think, also slightly disingenuous. they tend to perhaps put up with it more than they should. they let it go because it's millions of dollars to keep a show running. the idea you would have to swap out one of your at the first sign trouble or the tenth sign of trouble -- >> i wouldn't want to lose the millions of dollars for someone's mental health. i wanted to ask you about this. >> i don't think they tried. >> i want to ask you about this. it sort of makes you wonder how this will all end for charlie sheen. this is what sheen told piers.
9:23 am
listen. >> premise of their argument with you is that you're in some kind of denial about this and actually you've never really stopped and thought i got to sort myself out properly. if you do follow that program, they can work and loots of people would be watching this saying it worked for me. >> then i can have a life like thirs? i will pass? >> why. >> their lives look like they are ruled by losers. i don't want their lives and they want my mine but they want to criticize the hell out of it and now run the gamut he is not loaded now what? he is manic. i don't know what that means. i guess imply there is going to be a crash. i don't know when that is coming but maybe you can cover it when it does. >> sadly, i'm sure we will. how do you see this ending? >> you know, i actually don't see it ending per se. i think our fixation on closure in a circumstance like is this
9:24 am
our own social affect. if something bad does happen to charlie and i certainly hope it doesn't, that would be a very personal thing for his family. the truth is there are addicts who live this way over long periods of time. they just don't get the attention he is getting at this point in it. and so we're very fixated on the social and celebrity aspect there will be a definitive end to this that we will all somehow see. i don't necessarily think that is going to be the case. a lot of these addicts in his similar situation do tend to hump on for years and continue to behave this way. so i hope -- i hope we see charlie himself come back through this. but, right now, in all honesty, the drugs will be clearing out of his system for a long time if he does stay clean. you can't -- the value you can have for charlie sheen is not taking what he says too seriously so that you get panicked and we all get sort of focused on what may be a
9:25 am
negative end to something. the truth is he's got a healing process that may or may not involve aa, that may or may not involve closeness with his family or separation from his family. everybody is personal in their healing of things like that. >> we hope he gets it together and, of course, sadly, i think we will all be watching. thank you very much for joining us today. >> we definitely will. it keeps us from looking at our own stuff. >> maybe so. maybe you're absolutely right about that. thanks, hal, appreciate it. turn our attention to the weather now. a day of cleanup in many places after a day of wild storms and it's not over yet. let's get the latest from rob marciano. >> severe weather across really the eastern corridor of the country yesterday. let's take you to parts of tennessee. franklin county, just south of nashville, where a deadly tornado ripped through there area. winds over 120 miles an hour and you see the results of that. numerous reports over 350 reports of severe weather over the past two days. that is how large this system was.
9:26 am
thankfully it's moving off the coast. the tail end of it is sliding across florida and where we have this wildfire between titusville and daytona beach. winds aren't extreme any more on either side of this front because of the core of the wind field and core of the steamer has moved out to sea. rain showers are moving over that fire and probably would give them help in getting the upper hand on this thing later today. quiet over much of the country. storms setting up for pacific northwest and low elevation and another shot of cold air coming down from canada. enjoy the warm temperatures the next couple of days. we have more chilly air coming down from our friends up north, even though it's march 1st. >> and they are still our friends. turning to the middle east next. how does al qaeda foorkt into the protests? a cnn security expert with firsthand knowledge of the terror groups joins us next. because she could afford nothing else. ethel couldn't ignore the clear need
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for health and financial security. and it inspired her to found aarp. for over 50 years, we've continued that work, to help all americans pursue their best life. discover more of what we do, for every generation at
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where are the opening bell about to ring on wall street. you're walking past a grocery store and, boom, you get a text message a sale on zip lock bags in aisle ten. alison kosik is here to tell us why. >> nothing like a good sale to reel you into a store but this has big brother written all over it at this point. facebook has done it. you had to have a smart phone before but now working on any type of cell phone. it's offered by at&t.
9:30 am
if you're near a store you get a text about sales happening inside the store. driving past an airport? you'll get a text about a jetblue sale. with this there are security concerns so what have you to do is opt in or sign up for it. right now, it is in testing stages and tested in new york, l.a. and chicago and san francisco. >> that sounds like it could get annoying really fast. let's talk about the markets. what about the markets? a lot of volatility in february because of the tension. what is in store for march? tell us about it. >> february ended strong right now. we have the opening bell. expecting to have a higher open and seeing this trend. it is the first day of march and notice the first trading day of month for a while now has shown strong gains and analysts saying the concerns about libya are easing. oil prices look like they are holding steady. you may see more movement today and getting market moving reports, one on manufacturing and others on auto sales. let's take a closer look at the numbers right now.
9:31 am
dow up 18. nasdaq up about 8. carol, back to you. >> alison, many thanks. in florida interstates closed. a campground evacuated. wildfires destroyed one home and entire neighborhoods under threat. heavy winds and dry conditions make fighting the fire difficult. two new suspects in the death of an american on the u.s. border with mexico. known drug traffickers but not named yet. tourist david hartley was fatally shot on the mexican side of falcon lake in september. his wife tiffany survived. mexican authorities have been quiet since the investigator was found dead. first deepwater drilling permit issued for mexico after last year's bp oil spill. they met the safety rules and drill a well like you see here 75 miles south of venice, louisiana. bobby jindal says it's time to ramp up the permits so oil and
9:32 am
gas workers can get back on the job. we are keeping a close eye on the uprising in libya and the other nations arpeds the world. top of the hour we hear from secretary of state hillary clinton who is on capitol hill and the crisis is sure to be her focus. more libyans fleeing the violence. united states says 140,000 refugees pouring from egypt into tunisia. they are warning a humanitarian crisis is building. at noon gadhafi's diplomats signal a call for change and they take down their current national flag and replace it with the one that flew before gadhafi took power in 1969. cnn correspondents are covering the latest developments in the middle east. nic robertson is live in tripoli. from our perspective, the walls seem to be closing in on gadhafi and sometimes that means things can get ugly. is there fear that could happen?
9:33 am
>> reporter: that is what the government is saying. the government here is saying if conflict happens here, if they can't negotiate a resolution to the current impasse with the opposition, then there could be wide bloodshed. they say hundreds of thousands of people could die. the basis for that they say is this is a tribal society that even if you have government and anti-government forces, if one person kills somebody from the other tribe on the other side, that is a blood feud started and they want to kill ten from the other tribe and et cetera. the government here is telling us they believe that europe and the united states is going to intervene in libya and this is something they are telling people here as well. so they are saying this would further compound and destabilize the situation. they say they are trying to negotiate with the opposition right now, but no indication from the opposition that those negotiations of governments operate are going to work any time soon, carol. >> nic robertson reporting live from tripoli.
9:34 am
thanks. libyan cities fall into opposition hands, moammar dah gadhafi is claiming al qaeda is behind the protests. what role has al qaeda played, if any, in the uprisings across the middle east? if we're talking al qaeda we are talking about peter bergen. welcome, peter. >> carol, good morning. >> peter, a lot of people who say, in fact, al qaeda may have wanted to play a bigger role here, but they have been shut out. why? >> al zawahiri number two in al qaeda released tapes to position himself and al qaeda generally in the event of what is going on in the middle east. i think everybody understands that al qaeda and its ideas have had nothing to do with the revolutions we are seeing across the region. this is what al qaeda always wanted was regime change in places like libya or egypt.
9:35 am
the outcome is probably not going to be that their satisfaction because what do they really want? they want taliban style around the middle east. >> it's interesting, peter, because it appears that osama bin laden and al qaeda misjudged what people in the arab world wanted. in egypt muslims and christians speaking in one voice for a democracy. as osama bin laden and his hinchmen sit back and watch from the cave what do you think they are thinking? >> they believe these regimes are being overthrown because they had nothing to do with it. as you point out, carol, you know, muslims and christians were manning the barricades together in egypt and, of course, as far as al qaeda is concerned christians are infidels and even the muslim brotherhood people have had hysterical reactions to their involvement in all of this is an organization that is very much at war with al qaeda. al qaeda rejects the muslim
9:36 am
brotherhood because they engage in fashion politics and elections. >> does this mean we need not fear al qaeda any longer? is this the beginning of the end? >> i think the end was beginning in the sense you look at the date around the muslim world, support for al qaeda has been cratering in muslim countries for quite some period of time because muslims understand many of the victims of al qaeda and its allies are muslims and for groups that position themselves as the defenders of islam it's not impressive that so many of their victims are muslim civilians and understand groups like al qaeda just offering the kind of violence we see on the screen that are offering a plan to get the tens of millions of men who are unemployed to work in the middle east as al qaeda a minister of economics, and i think that people understand that these groups aren't really offering anything. that doesn't mean they are not a threat of some kind but they are losing the war of ideas in the muslim world. >> interesting and fascinating.
9:37 am
peter bergen, thanks. >> thank you. from a monster gun to a stripper's breast implants? we will look at some of the more bizarre tax deduction the irs will allow. ♪ i'm the tax man [ male announcer ] achievement: embraces mondays.
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♪ achievement: loves working capital. ♪ achievement: puts receivables to work. ♪ achievement: expects a lot of itself. cfo: cash flow options, helping business achievers better manage their cash flow. pnc. for the achiever in us all.
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and all day today, cnn is focusing on your tax filing experience. so right now, we want to take you inside the world of the obscure tax deshuck uns from creative to sketchy to downright bizarre. our allan chernoff shows us how to reduce your tax bill. >> please welcome justin love! >> reporter: yes, those are deductible as xot ik dancer chesty love told jerry springer they fought the irs and won! >> it was my own attorney. i represented myself. >> reporter: the u.s. tax court ruled her breast implants were stage prop that boosted her income and, therefore, deductible as a business expense. >> my breasts are very, very much a part of my job. my salary as a dancer went up in direct proportion to the size of the chest. >> reporter: no matter how off-beat the profession, the tax code encourages us to earn money so the irs can collect more.
9:41 am
for those who learn a living as elvis impersonators? yes, the costume is deductible. business expenses can take many forms. the case of a junk yard infested with rats and snakes and the owner deducted the cat food he put out every night to take care of the pests. criminals are supposed to report their income from illegal activities. irs publication 17 says it goes on form 1040, line 21. so criminal enterprises are allowed to deduct the cost of business expenses like buying gun is. >> a drug dealer should, under the regulations, report the cost of his intory, the drugs he is purchasing for resell. the cost of the guns to protect the inventory. the cost of the suitcases to carry it. you would put all of that on a tax return. >> reporter: odds are you're not engage inside a legal or bizarre activity to earn a living.
9:42 am
even so, the same principle for deductions apply. money spent to earn taxable income can be written off. for example, if you have a home office that occupies, say, 10% of your house, 10% of the operating expenses, heat, electricity, even outdoor landscaping can be written off. some taxpayers have taken it a bit too far. the irs has disallowed attempts to deduct hot tubs and pools for those claiming the home office deduction. allan chernoff, cnn, new york. our tax guide continues all day. coming up at 11:00 a.m., the dreaded audit. find out who gets hit most often and how you can steer clear of the tax man. wisconsin's governor unveils a new budget while some protesters refuse to budge. they are ignoring a police request to leave the state capital building. we are following developments.
9:43 am
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it's do or die time in wisconsin. at 5:00 p.m. eastern today a new move in the standoff. governor scott walker plans to release his new state budget even as protests over his repair
9:46 am
bill for this year' budget enters a third week. thousands of people protesting inside the capitol building. police asked them to leave yesterday so the building could be cleaned but not everybody left. in the meantime, state senate democrats are out of the state. the bill would strip collective bargaining rights of most public workers. the governor is calling on democrats to come back now. >> it is now time for them to come home. if they choose not to, let me be clear. this is not a threat. this is not a strategy. this is not a negotiation. the bottom line is if they do not come home, there are dire consequences. dire consequences i don't think any of us, republican or democrat, alike would like to see happen here in the state of wisconsin. >> a new poll from the pugh research center say 42% support the public workers and 31% support the governor and 9% don't take sides and 18% don't know.
9:47 am
beyond wisconsin's borders, governors are split over the labor standoff. cnn's senior political reporter ed henry is here with more. >> reporter: republican rick scott of florida was on the show and basically saying that he was trying to reframe it and say this is about treating taxpayers fairly, about treating public employees fairly. maybe not having a sharpened edge as scott walker has had in wisconsin and democratic governor martin o'malley also on "american morning" really kind of jumped on that and says he believes this is about union bashing and that republicans like rick scott are running from scott walker because they think he sort of mishandled this. rick scott, the florida governor, made clear he is not running away from scott walker saying scott walker in wisconsin is doing what a lot of republicans and democrats around the country are trying to do which is make tough budget choices so this debate continues. the other big budget debate in
9:48 am
washington is whether or not there is a government shutdown at the end of this week. interesting new poll basically says the public is split on who would get the blame if the government would shut down. poll says 36% of the -- 35% would blame president obama's administration and democrats interesting if you dig deeper there even a split the poll indicates independent voters, critical voters have been so pivotal in 2008 and 2010 they say they would blame the president by 37-32% margin. a little bit more than independent voters would blame democrats perhaps more than republicans but the bottom line is that both sides right now indicating they think they are edging closer to a deal by the end of this week that would avert a government shutdown, at least kemp temp raerly. the bottom line is both parties, perhaps because a poll like this suggesting either side could take the blame here. edging towards some sort of a compromise. >> it's kind of interesting to listen to the political analysts
9:49 am
and pundits saying the republicans think the democrats are to blame if the government is to shut down. like who cares? why can't they sit down and get something done and quit pointing fingers? sent that what voters really want? >> reporter: sure. well, that is what they say they want. and but there are republicans on the hill, especially those freshmen lawmakers who are elected pa in part on a mandate to cut spending and say maybe they would be willing to have a government shutdown to make a point there needs to be dramatic change here in washington so that is part of what is playing out. >> i know you are. but what am i? that is what this all reminds me of. ed henry, live in washington, thanks. we will have your next political update in one hour. for all of the political news go to wonderlic test tell nfl scouts how smart their prospects are. we will tell but one quarterback who tied a record for it. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro.
9:50 am
executor of efficiency. you can spot an amateur from a mile away... while going shoeless and metal-free in seconds. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle...and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. now this...will work. [ male announcer ] just like you, business pro. just like you. go national. go like a pro.
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9:52 am
a bit of news just coming into the cnn newsroom. cnn now confirms christina aguilera was arrested on misdemeanor charges and she was released on $250 bail. we can't tell you yet what she was charged with, but, of course, we're efforting that and will tell you as soon as we know. she has been in the news of late for flubbing the national anthem at the super bowl and tripping on stage at the emmys. the infamous arizona sweat log, three people died and dozens were admitted to the hospital. gary tuchman has covered this
9:53 am
case from the beginning. thanks for joining us. nice to see you in person. >> you, too. >> remind us what this case is about. >> james arthur ray was so famous, so well known 2 1/2 years ago, a new-age guru. people paid tens of thousands of dollars to attend his event. this event was a sweat lodge, room about the size of a hotel room, like a sauna. native americans do this. they don't pay to do it if you are a native american but with him you pay thousands of dollars. people started collapsing and needed cpr. james ray kept continuing on even though he knew people were in desperate need of help. he walked outside and people were being given cpr. he drove off. three people died and 18 people were hurt. >> what is he charged with? >> manslaughter, being responsible for the deaths of
9:54 am
these three people, could face 36 years. the defense said he was in shock, never expected people to die. he's done this before, although there were allegations that in previous years people got sick. this is important. prosecution cannot bring up other cases in other years. it all begins in an hour. the trial is expected to last four months. >> you're go to be busy. >> a long trial but a serious and sad situation. we are following lots of developments in the next hour on cnn newsroom. let's check in first with chris lawrence. >> reporter: the buzz here at the pentagon is that the u.s. military is moving naval ships closer to libya. a lot of options on the table for providing humanitarian relief all of the way up to imposing a no-fly zone. there are risks involved in all of those. we'll tell you about it at the top of the hour. and i'm john zarrella on florida's space coast where firefighters are battling a
9:55 am
raging wildfire got a break. it rained. that's coming up. i'm elizabeth cohen in atlanta. kids and teens are getting a high from fake marijuana they're buying in stores and online. it's perfectly legal. all of that at the top of the hour. also ahead, every month you pay your water bill. usually 30 or 40 bucks. imagine your surprise when it's $1200 for one month, and 6,900 the next. that happened to one woman and she wasn't alone. [ female announcer ] choose vegas excitement one minute...
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9:58 am
the bulls have been title contenders since the days of michael jordan. jeff fischel, they're grabbing the league by the horn and going to town. >> thanks to their new superstar. turns out he's a science above. derek rose knows a thing or two object chemistry. he didn't want the team to make changes near the trade deadline. rose taking on the washington wizards last night. there he goes. no one is fastener the open court. watch this fancy pass. this is what he did, right between the legs for the dunk. the bulls were doing everything right. this is the end of the first half. derek rose gets it over to the corner for three. at the buzzer, good. rose had one points. a great ending to the game
9:59 am
between the suns and the nets. final seconds, chang frye had a buzzer beater just sunday to win. this with six seconds left puts the suns up by one. the nets have a last chance. drives, tip-in by chris humphries at the buzzer, good at that the reves took a long look on replay. no. still on his hands, the suns win by one. minnesota wild desperately trying to send the game with the chicago blackhawks to overtime. no, they go the other way, two on one, perfect pass to hossa. the nfl is poking and producting and testing all of the college players who get drafted next month, including greg mcilroy.
10:00 am
he scored 48 out of 50 on what's called the wonderlic test, problem solving. the score 48 is almost unheard of. most quarterbacks get in the 20s and maybe 30s. >> i didn't know they took this kind of test. >> not enough to be able to throw the ball 50 yards down the field. 50 questions in 12 minutes. we won't do that but here's a sample question. a boy is 17 years old and his sister is twice as old. when the boy is 23, what will the age be of his sister. >> as i look at this question, think back to my algebra class, you know, question, if a train is traveling from arizona. i worked it out on the break. she will be 40. >> she will be 40. that is the correct answer. so you are on your way to becoming an nfl quarterback, i think. >> i throw a mean football, but you are right, i couldn't answer all of those questions.
10:01 am
>> greg mcilroy, truly a record. they are afraid he may question authority because he is so smart. he may have done too well on the test. >> interesting. checking top stories, a wildli wildfire in east central florida. they are hopeful crews can bring it under control soon. the sweat lodge death trials begin today. james arthur ray faces three counts of reckless manslaughter. the lodge was heelted to dangerously high temperatures, and the defense attorney says everyone was warned. charlie sheen calls addiction specialists losers. he tells piers morgan he's clean. we'll have more on that in about ten minutes. on capitol hill capitol hill, secretary of state hillary clinton is talking foreign policy, and the spiraling crisis in libya is sure to be a focus. we'll let you know what she has
10:02 am
to say. there are new concerns about what moammar gadhafi had to say. he says the protests are not against him. we u.n. ambassador to the united nations called him delusion nall. the u.s. is moving navy ships closer to libya. the mission could include creating safe zones for libyan refugees, but one foe of the united states says that the pentagon is preparing for an invasion. is hugo chavez is a bitter enemy of the united states. is the pentagon taking this seriously? >> reporter: no. short answer, carol. i haven't gotten any sense from anyone here in the building that anyone is talking about a massive military intervention in libya. what we're seeing now is the u.s. moving some of its u.s. navy ships closer to libya.
10:03 am
you've got the u.s.'s kearsarge in the red sea, close to the suez canal. they also have a destroyer already in the med. what i'm hearing is these are being positioned to keep options open. the first option would be to provide some sort of humanitarian relief for all of those refugees streaming out of libya. the kearsarge has not only the ability to land marines. it's also a huge floating hospital bay. six operating rooms, the ability to care for up to 600 patients and could be used for humanitarian relief. the enterprise with its aircraft could be used to help and assist with a no-fly zone if the decision was made to go forward to try to impose one. >> understand. chris lawrence live at the pentagon. thanks. within three weeks after similar protests forced egypt's
10:04 am
president from office, the in government is taking action. they are freezing the assets of hosni mubarak. the attorney general has documents showing the mubarak family has secret bank accounts hiding nearly $150 million. protests in oman. the anti-government movement is issuing the same demands we heard elsewhere. the unrest in oman is stirring concern about oil prices. a significant share of the world's shipments passes through the strait of hormuz. today's crowd in yemen included thousands of people loyal to the president. he's considered a key u.s. ally, and washington is afraid if he's ousted, the terrorist groups will have even more free rein in the country. rain in florida is providing welcome relief to firefighters
10:05 am
battling a massive fire. i-95 is open again. it was closed earlier, and caused a traffic nightmare. homes were evacuated, and one school was closed. john zarrella has an update. >> reporter: carol, that was the good news a while ago that all of the lanes on i-95, the main north/south artery are open again, and traffic is flowing as are most other arteries that had been closed down by the wildfire. in the overnight hours, this looked like it had the potential to be a really dangerous, precarious situation. firefighters were telling us at one point the embers were traveling a half a mile from the front point of the fire and they were jumping the highway, and it was difficult to get a handle on this, but with the rains today, about two hours of steady rain and the fact that they had heavy equipment, bulldozers in there building fire breaks all morning and into the morning hours, it's
10:06 am
really allowed them to get a handle on the fire. a short time ago, florida's governor said he had a good feeling they had the possibility of getting this fire under control by late morning, this morning here, certainly into the afternoon hours. so right now looking good that they're going to get a handle on this thing and wrap it up. >> that's good news. john zarrella from florida. the rain is helping out in florida. elsewhere, people are cleaning up after a day of wild storms. let's get the latest from rob marciano. >> this front going through florida is associated with the storms going through yesterday. >> you're in the dark. >> it's bad enough we feel like the kid sitting at the kitchen table on thanksgiving. you got to put the light on. the front, and the wind field much less intense than yesterday, even down here because the core of the storm that was driving the wind energy has moved out to sea. nonetheless, here's where the
10:07 am
leftover front is. the rains that john spoke of now moving south of titusville. it didn't rain a ton but it may have thrown a tenth to a quarter inch of rain on there and that helps, and the winds behind the front are not drastically more intense. they are more northerly but hopefully john is right and they get a handle on that. texas, a little wind, warm and dry but nothing extreme or critical. there is your storm that goes east. take a look at damage coming out of tennessee. six reports of tornadoes yesterday. this one unfortunately took the life of one person in franklin county, tennessee. tremendous amount of damage through this area. that was the bull's eye that the storm prediction center had in there that was going to be the worst of it. where there wasn't severe weather, there was a lot of rain, rain causing flooding in parts of indiana, ohio, parts of the mid south, kentucky and
10:08 am
western tennessee as well. that's an ongoing issue because some of these areas has a decent amount of snow on the ground. a little cooler behind the front, warmer tomorrow and then another shot of colder air from canada. 71 in dallas, 65 in los angeles. that's balmy after even snow flurries in the l.a. area over the weekend. everyone getting a taste of winter now that we're finally in march. >> thank you, rob. do or die time in wisconsin. at 5:00 p.m. eastern today, there will be a new move in the standoff. governor scott walker plans to release his new state budget even as protests over his repair bill enters a third week. thousands of people had been protesting inside the capitol building. police asked them to leave yesterday toe they could clean the building. not everybody left. demonstrators are protesting a bill that would strip the are
10:09 am
collective bargaining rights of most union workers. in ohio, they are protesting senate bill five. the measure would prevent public workers from negotiating health care, pensions and automatic pay raises based on security and would ban strikes for all public workers, not just public safety officers. charlie sheen was live with piers morgan last night on cnn to try to set the record straight and defend himself against accusations he's on drugs. how does he prove he's straight? like this. >> are you under the influence of any substances? >> no, nothing. i'm under the influence of you. >> i'm a drug during this interview. that might not be the best influence. >> i'll take it. looks pretty cool to me. >> you took a drug test to prove that you are currently completely drugfree? >> yes. i have the results. >> you have the results on you? >> yeah, these days, carry this stuff with you, right?
10:10 am
>> when was this taken? >> it was taken -- when was it taken, yesterday? >> and this is -- >> day before. >> assuming this accurate, which i believe it is, it is completely clean. when was the last time you took a drug? >> i don't know, not being held hostage by aa, i don't count my days because you put a premium on them, don't lose your days, don't lose your days. where did my days go. keep coming back, here's your one day back. >> could this be part of an act? or are we finally seeing the real charlie sheen? how did a guy with such a checkered past and violence in his past get to be so well loved? that coming up. imagine having a $10,000 water bill for your home? in one major city, it's reality. >> for you to expect us to think
10:11 am
that 4 million gallons of water is leaking somewhere on our property and not showing up is absolutely mine-blowing. >> homeowners are fighting back and we're asking what is behind the big bills? curtis: welcome back to geico radio, it's savings, on the radio.
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10:14 am
welcome back. >> thank you. >> she's actually on maternity leave but somehow she's come back and done a great investigation. >> i have to do a couple more pieces before i go. >> this is a great story. >> let me tell you, this is something we've been talking about for years, so i said, we're going to investigate this. you lived in atlanta, but atlanta has the highest water rates of any major city in the united states, and residents are outraged and confused about why they're paying hundreds and even thousands of dollars each month for water. >> we are mad. >> reporter: atlanta residents clearly have had enough. >> for you to expect us to think that 4 million gallons are water is leaking somewhere on our property is not showing up is absolutely mind-blowing. >> we were taking a shower every day. now we're skipping sometimes because we're trying to save the water. >> reporter: for more than three years atlanta, a city of more than a half million residents, has been bombarded with
10:15 am
complaints of outrageous water bills. similar complaints are popping up around the country in places like cleveland, charlotte, tampa, and brockton, massachusetts. . but the water bill war is nothing like in atlanta. just ask wilda cob. >> i feel like i'm going crazy. >> cobb lives by herself in this 1,800 a square not home. her water bill averages 30 to $40 a month, until it began going up. nearly $1,200 in november. now she owes more than $10,000 and city inspectors found no leaks. >> for me to have to take the time to do this -- >> reporter: and then there's debbie scarborough. her water bill shot up more than
10:16 am
$3,000 after two months of huge spikes last summer. >> this is another bill, another month. >> reporter: she even hired two plumbers to prove there was no leak. five years ago, the city hired a company to replace its aging water meters with automatic meter reading devices. all city workers have to do is drive by and electronically collect the data. but it hasn't gone as smoothly as it looks. as early as 2007, problems arose when city auditors found they were unable to verify electronic reads for 13% of the meters that were tested. then, in 2009, another audit found a high number of accounts that don't get actual meter readings because of meter read errors, equipment failures or human error. >> a significant amount of frustration on everyone's fault.
10:17 am
>> reporter: peter amman is the chief operating officer for the city of atlanta. >> when the automaticed meters were put in, the subcontractors to the city did an absolutely horrible job in a number of cases. >> baloney. >> reporter: and residents are getting more and more angry. amman tells us 1% of the meters sampled were not properly installed. a mistake that could cause a water bill to double. >> at this point, it looks like just good old fashioned incompetence. >> reporter: amman showed us how the registered amount of water didn't even fit properly with the meter base. >> these two components don't matched and guess what? one says three-quarters and one has a one on it. >> reporter: you wouldn't get an accurate reading? we repeatedly tried to interview
10:18 am
neptune technologies representatives and systems and software, that provided the billing system, but they refused to comment. amman says there is no evidence those companies are at fault but he says the company that installed the meters should be held accountable. that company is based in atlanta, which teamed up with another firm in pennsylvania to carry out the $40 million installation contract. valentino bates is khafra's president. >> for the three years that we worked on that project, we satisfied all concerns with respect to that contract. >> reporter: so you think a successful contract including 1% of the meters not operating properly? >> and those 1% were fixed prior to our leaving and turning over the warrant to the city. >> reporter: so you are saying right now all of your meters are installed properly? >> yes, ma'am.
10:19 am
>> reporter: bates said repairs were completed last year on 968 meters that had a mismatched base and said he was not aware of additional meter issues identified by the city. >> if there were installed incorrectly by the contractor -- >> reporter: but we showed him what amman said about the issues. he says that's the problem and that's causing a number of the bills to double. >> i'm not -- i can't speak to what it is, but all of the ones we were notified of when we did our own internal audit and the audits done by the city, we took care of those problems. >> reporter: but residents say there is more to the problem. our water bill would be enough for a large olympic pool to be filled. i'm at my wit's end and ready for a nervous break down. do the majority of people who complained about high water bills, do they have leaks?
10:20 am
>> the majority of the people who complain about high water bills have some issue that's not associated with the meter. many, many of them have either leaks or increases in usage through irrigation or pool-filling that they didn't fully understand the impact of. >> reporter: don't tell that to debbie scarborough or wilda cobb. while it's unclear, the city is monitoring water usage at her home. as for wilda cobb, the city says something must have happened in a one month period for her billing to shoot up dramatically and go down to just $34. >> literally this can't be real. >> reporter: cobb knows something about water issues. ironically, she's an attorney with the environmental protection agency. >> as a person, i know
10:21 am
something's wrong here. as an attorney, what can i do about it? but i don't think it takes a law degree to say, $6,000 for a month's use of water by one person in a small home is just crazy. >> and class action lawsuits by residents and commercial properties have been filed against the city and contractors over the high water bills and so far there's been no resolution. the previous management team at the watershed department is out. the new administration says it's making progress on the water bill problem. in fact, last year, close to a half million dollars was made to residents who's appealed their bills. the city of atlanta, it's water bill has nearly doubled in the past two years, close to half a million dollars, and, you know what, no evidence of leaks or broken meters. >> and the taxpayers are paying that bill, too. >> everybody up in arms. it's a mystery.
10:22 am
>> thanks for coming in. hope your babies come soon. >> so do i. hopefully my water doesn't break during the water story. >> to learn more about this, go to, and you can see the cost of water across the united states and tips to lower your water bill. there's something you can buy right now that's perfectly legal that gives smokers a marijuanalike high. now the government is taking emergency measures to get it out of stores. by looking at his keys. ♪ these here? they belong to men who got a silverado during chevy truck month. with a powertrain backed for 100,000 miles -- that's 40,000 more than f-150. qualified buyers get 0% apr financing for 72 months on all 2011 silverado half-ton models during chevy truck month. get your keys today.
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10:25 am
cnn is now confirming that french fashion house dior has suspended -- started the process are firing a star designer, john galliano. the company wants to sack him after he allegedly used anti-semitic language against strangers at a restaurant in paris. dior suspended him soon after a video clip was recleesed. we have it for you but we want to warn you the language is coarse. >> people like you could be dead today. your mothers, your forefathers [ bleep ] would be gassed. >> do you have a problem? >> with you, you're ugly. >> "the wall street journal" is reporting that galliano met with french police about the incident and no word on that meeting.
10:26 am
>> we start in philadelphia where a struggling pizza shop owner used live mice to sabotage his competitors. he went and planted the creditors in a bathroom ceiling and went to another place and put some a garbage can. an arizona high school teacher has been fired because of a bumper sticker on her car that reads "have you drugged your kid today." she says society is overmedicating hyperactive kids and this is her way to protest. some parents complained and she was fired when he refused to take the bumper sticker off. she's fighting to get her job back. in the atlanta area, some burglars have found a way to get around the security system. go through the roof. they have hit at least four businesses so far. coming up, a fire in florida temporarily shuts down part of a major u.s. highway and forces families out of their homes and closes school. we have the latest details from the fire lines.
10:27 am
wisconsin governor will unveil his budget plan tis afternoon. will it end the protests?
10:28 am
10:29 am
checking top stories now. rain is giving welcome relief to firefighters battling a massive firefighters in florida. it shut down a 20 mile stretch of i-95. some homes were evacuated. florida's governor is optimistic they can knock down the fire later today.
10:30 am
federal prosecutors are asking a judge to block the release of the autopsies of six people who died in the shooting spree that injured congresswoman gabrielle giffords. >> cnn has learned two new suspects have been identified in the death of an american tourist on the u.s. border with mexico. the two suspects are known drug traffickers but their names have not yet been released. david hartley's disappearance remains unsolved. authorities say he was shot and killed by the gunmen on falcon late back in september. despite all of the protesters inside the capitol and outside the capitol, scott walker is pushing forward with his two-year budget plan. he will present it to the legislature today. it would cut $1 billion from schools and local governments and severely limit collective bargaining rights. let's go trait to casey wian in
10:31 am
the madison, wisconsin. what's the latest? >> reporter: well, the protesters you mentioned have numbered in the thousands, tens of thousands in the past few weeks but they have dwindled to about 40 or so remaining inside the state capitol, and as you mentioned everyone is waiting to hear governor scott walker's budget proposal scheduled to be released at 4:00 local time. people familiar with the governor's plan say to expect very deep cuts in state spending on schools, perhaps in the order of 9%, and also money going to local governments which some people say could result in reduced employees and five services. other developments here, the state public employees union has filed an unfair labor practice claim against governor scott walker for his refusal to negotiate, they say, with the union over this issue of collective bargaining rights and his budget repair plans efforts to strip them of collective bargaining rights. meanwhile, senate democrats, folks who have stopped the budget repair plan from moving
10:32 am
forward because they have left the state, remain outside the state. governor walker is trying to persuade them to come back and he says if they do not come back by today, the state will lose $165 million in debt restructuring savings. >> it is now time for them to come home. if they choose not to, let me be clear, this is not a threat, this is not a strategy, this is not a goings. the bottom line is if they do not come home, there are dire consequences, dire consequences, i don't think any of us, republican or democrat alike, would like to see happen here in the state of wisconsin. >> reporter: now, those dire consequences include the layoff of about 1,500 state employees the governor says will be necessary by april 1st, and as many as 12,000 workers over the next two years. now, i just spoke to one of those run-away senate democrats, chris larsen, he says despite
10:33 am
the governor's position, they are staying put. they are not coming back to the capitol, that despite if they want their paychecks, they can't get them unless they come here. >> thank you for that update. crowds of union supporters are expected to return to the state capitol in ohio today. the protest senate bill number five. the measure would prevent public workers from negotiating health care, pensions and automatic pay raises and also ban strikes for all public workers, not just public safety officers. it's called fake pot but federal officials say the side effects are very real and they're trying to get it out of stores asap. [ male announcer ] your hard work has paid off.
10:34 am
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no other medicine, not even advil pm, is more effective for pain and sleeplessness. motrin pm. put away the lava lamps and black light posters. the legal alternative to pot is getting banned. the fake pot is selling under the name spice. the dea has banned the sale and possession of the stuff for one year. if this isn't -- they call it synthetic marijuana. what is it? >> it sounds like polyester. there are chemicals in this stuff that are very similar to thc, the active ingredient in marijuana that gets you high,
10:37 am
and these other chemicals are legal. so you can buy spice and other stuff called k-2 and one of them is called blaze and red x dawn. there's a whole bunch of them. you can buy them on line, you can buy them in stores. >> you smoke it, right? >> you smoke it just like pot, and the chemicals inside them are very similar to thc. >> it really does make you high? >> it does. >> it's incredible it's in the stores. >> it's legal. people are going to pay for it. those two things together, you got a business, right? >> i never thought of companies coming up with products that they know might make someone high and sell it legally and get away with it. >> because it's legal. that's why think get away with it, and they're making money off it. kids get high. >> what is the government doing to stop it? >> they say they're going to ban it. this is an example where the government is ten steps behind the people making money.
10:38 am
ten steps behind the entrepreneur. >> do we continue stantly have to keep vigil over this? is this a sign of things to come? >> as a mom, i'm going out on a limb and saying if your kid is going into a head shop buying something and smoking it, you should be worried. i don't care if it's legal or not, you should be worried. this isn't good. since september, they've had 1,500 phone calls to poison control centers. the list of stuff this does to you is horrible. it's seizures, hallucinations, nausea, vomiting, racing heart beat, envated blood pressure. some people are saying it's even more potent than pot. >> that's crazy. it hasn't been taken off yet. >> i think this will work quickly. now that they're moving on it, my guess is it will go quickly. you can accuse charlie sheen of a lot of things but not of being shy or avoiding the media. what's behind his recent string
10:39 am
of bad behavior and his interview rants? is hollywood enabling this type of behavior? a box. and inside that box is their financial life. people wake up and realize. "i better start doing something." we open up that box. we organize it. and we make decisions. we really are here to help you. they look back and think "wow. i never thought i could do this." but we've actually done it. [ male announcer ] visit and put a confident retirement more within reach. just got more powerful. introducing precise pain relieving heat patch. it blocks pain signals for deep relief precisely where you need it most. precise. only from the makers of tylenol.
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10:41 am
amid the backdrop of union protests in ohio and wisconsin, a top presidential aide will speak to the afl-cio today. our senior white house correspondent ed henry is here with more. more ammunition out there.
10:42 am
>> no doubt about this, keeping the fight going. the president senior adviser, we're told by officials, there will be addressing the afl-cio in washington. it will be a luncheon speech, speebing to their executive counsel, seen your staff, 75 to 100 people. no doubt that wisconsin, the budget battle there, and also the battle between ohio's republican governor, john kasich, and public employee unions there in ohio, will be on the agenda as well. what else will david plouffe be talking about, we don't know because the speech will be closed to tv cameras and media. tim pawlenty, republican potential presidential contender is cozying up to the tea party. his pac put out a video today hailing the tea party movement saying it is a great addition to the conservative coalition and coalition for change in the country.
10:43 am
in fact, tim pawlenty this past weekend was pawuking to a tea party group. he is clearly courting the voters. the question is whether or not it will work. as you know, there are people on the other side of the aisle, like harry reid, who say they believe the tea party is a flash in the pan and will have no impact in the 2012 election. maybe tim pawlenty will be the guinea pig here. will his fortunes rise or fall based on whether or not the tea party is here to stay. >> you remember bernie sanders 8 1/2 hour filibuster. you lived it. relive it with us right now. >> we need a handful, seven or eight, members of the united states senate to hear from their people, to say, wait a minute, don't hold my kids hostage, don't force them to pay higher taxes in order to give tax breaks to the very, very rich. >> okay, that went on for 8 1/2
10:44 am
hours, and his speech was opposing the extension of the bush era tax cuts, and he's now made it into a book, and the title, "historic filibuster on corporate greed and the decline of the middle class." do you think he'll have buyers? >> i think he will. i have my amazon kindle here. i will download it if it is available. that sounds fascinating, almost as much as this. christine o'donnell, delaware senate republican candidate came in out of nowhere. she was invited to participate on "dancing with the stars" on abc tv. she said no. many people see that as a great move. she turned it down because she wants to focus on writing a book. what she is going to say in this book, what is left to say about a senate race that is now a few months old that she lost, i'm not quite sure. but i will see if that's available on amazon. >> i bet the word "democrat" will be mentioned.
10:45 am
>> the word "witch" may come up as well. >> thank you, ed. next political update in one hour and a reminder, for all of the latest political news, go to from mug shot to mugging for the camera, charlie sheen spoke to piers morgan last night. raw charlie talking. his publicist quit. his antics in past sometimes turned dangerous, though, especially for the people around him. and let's flashback 50 years. on this date in 1961, president john f. kennedy officially established the peace corps. since then more than 200,000 volunteers have served in 139 countries and more than one-third of the volunteers serving in africa. stible ways to treat yourself to lobster. like our new lobster-and-shrimp trio with a parmesan lobster bake,
10:46 am
our decadent lobster lover's dream with both sweet maine and buttery rock lobster tails and eleven more choices, each served with a salad and unlimited cheddar bay biscuits. come celebrate lobsterfest right now at red lobster.
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10:48 am
new information coming in to cnn about christina aguilera. she is now accused of public brunkenness according to the l.a. county sheriff's department. the pop singer was in the passenger seat in a car driven by her boyfriend. the couple was pulled over by
10:49 am
officers at 2:45 this morning. boyfriend was cited for driving under the influence but officials also accused aguilera of being drunk. so they brought her to the station and detained her for her own safety. she's been released on $250 bail. >> everyone is having fun at charlie sheen's expense. >> charlie sheen, in case you have not been watching television today has officially gone crazy. gary busey thinks he's nuts. >> thanks for sitting down and talking with me. i want to talk not about the drug or tv show or the porn stars. current events. who do you think is more insane, you or moammar gadhafi? >> look at me, duh. >> charlie sheen's publicist resigned today. yeah, i don't know about you but i'm really excited to see what charlie's like now that he's allowed to say whatever he wants.
10:50 am
>> last night sheen spoke live to our piers morgan with his most revealing interview to date. should we be surprised about how shocked charlie sheen is acting by his ego. sharon, thank you for joining us. >> sure. >> i want to focus on enabling and how hollywood forgives a star that makes them a lot of money. since 1990, there were 32 incidents involving alcohol, drugs, prostitution and worse. in 1991, he accidentally shooting kelley preston and in 1995, a case is settled with a woman auk koosing sheen of beating him. in 2006, estranged wife deny this richards gets a protection order and in 2009, threatened his wife with a 95.
10:51 am
so, sharon, we worship sheen and his show is the number one comedy. first of all, what does that say about us? >> well, i mean, i think what we don't know is what charlie sheen is looking to accomplish by this constant going from one interview to another. so what we're seeing is something different than all of those years of incidents in which you have to look at each one individually to know whether the person in question would press charges, because in a lot of cases, they wouldn't. and the main thing for his employers at cbs and warner brothers, when you're talking about enabling, is that he showed up for work and did his job. what you have now is somebody in complete meltdown and he's doing it in our 21st century way, in full display on the media in realtime, so we can all participate. that's something rather
10:52 am
different. >> but couldn't you argue, i mean, charl lift sheen, now is threatening to sue cbs, cbs is threatening to countersue charlie sheen. didn't cbs sort of expect this kind of behavior? that sheen's behavior has turned into what it has become? didn't they know? they have known? >> charlie sheen is an individual with rights and a private life. it's not as if cbs has the right to go in and arrest someone or otherwise intervene. there are contractual limitations on what is appropriate for them to do as an employer, as a company, and warner brothers is technically who is employing him because they're the production company and there have been attempts to send him to rehab before, and he has gone to rehab before. in fact, he said he went to rehab, and that's kind of what it took, les, moonves, as
10:53 am
charlie said. the head of cbs came over to his house, sat in his kitchen and said, dude, you're out of control, and finally he needed to go to rehab. he said, okay, and i went, and now i'm cured. >> i understand alcohol problems and i understand drug problems, but all of these alleged abuses against women and some of them were serious. this is different than just dealing with alcohol issues. >> right, and he has faced -- >> so you have a show about a guy who is a mass -- masoginist, and we laugh. >> if you are suggesting that we should not put people on television who misbehave in their private life, there would be fewer people on television and in the movies. >> i'm talking about chris brown with rihanna. he paid a price.
10:54 am
that didn't happen with charlie sheen. >> charlie sheen has been arrested and had to go to court and faced jail and had to deal with the legal consequences of his behavior. now we are in an entirely different sphere, which is basically, he's self-destroyed his career, essentially and now he's completely pull verizing whatever public sympathy he may have had out there in the interviews. in one after another, we are going to finally ask, would he please go away because this week we have more interviews of charlie sheen undoubtedly saying more of the same, and how much do we want to hear and what is he trying to accomplish? we have heard what he has to say, and even at a certain point, those of us in the media, who find it kind of horrifically fascinating will say, okay, we're tired of this, go away, please.
10:55 am
>> sharon waxman, thank you. >> thank you. a pop star is giving away $1 million. why? she says the gadhafi family gave it to her. [ male announcer ] this is lara.
10:56 am
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10:58 am
>> overall inflation is low, since summer we have seen significant increases in highly visible prices, including those of gasoline and other commodities. notably in the past few weeks, concerns about unrest in the middle east and north africa, and the possible effects of global oil supplies have led oil and gasoline prices to rise further. >> right now, the average cost of a gallon of regular is 3.37, up nearly 17 cents in the past week. for years, moammar gadhafi has lived a life of opulence in libya, and so has his family. you may be surprised who else has shared. nellie furtado says his family paid him to offer a show in italy. she will donate that to charity. his son hired usher and beyonce for 1 million bucks for a
10:59 am
personal concert in 2009, according to the diplomatic cables produced by wikileaks. the stars are not commenting. no is lionel richie. his concert marked the 20th anniversary of the u.s. raid on the north african country. they like to party, suzanne. >> i guess so. >> unbelievable. >> we'll see what happens. >> i'm sure you'll have updates, and aisle join you in five minutes. i want to get you up to speed for tuesday, march 1st. florida just reopened an 18-mile stretch of interstate 95. flames and choking smoke from brush fires had shut the highway down. the 10,000 acres threatened neighborhoods. they are 10% contained right now. >> scott walker unveils his new

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